Sunday, April 13, 2008


Long time, no post. It feels that way, anyway. My unsecured wireless signal has been less reliable lately and Ive been busy with all the things that people get busy with. So, anyway, last week Liz visited! It was super fun. Once it was determined where I actually live (no, not Kudamatsu, not Hiroshima) she came to Tokuyama (or Shunan, or Sakuragi...) and we did fun Japaneasy things. The first day we went to the Mall and ate Omu Rice (really gross, picture scrambled eggs over rice in pee sauce). We went to the arcade and pet shop and tried to steal a monkey.

No trip to my neck of the woods is complete without a visit to Miyajima and a gander at the O-Torii gate. We also went up this ropeway. That went something like this: "Liz, Liz, ikimasho! We have to go up the ropeway, c'mon! It'll be awesome!"

"Ok, Jeannette, sure."

We climb halfway up the mountain and buy our 1800円 round trip tickets. As soon as we get in the car thing it's the Montreal canoe trip all over again. "Oh my God Liz, Im going to fucking die. Im going to puke all over this thing. Shit-damn-hell-balls."

"Jeannette, your eyes arent even open. And let go of me, I cant feel my hand."

And then we saw a tanuki. And went to Starbucks and drew.

The cherry blossoms bloomed and people go nuts for that shit here. It's hilarious. I had the traditional 'o-hanami' picnic thing last weekend. I did a watercolour painting (yes, Im obviously still doing the one-month-sober thing), it turned out like shit.

Im at work and have to get the train home, so that's the end of my lame post about a un-lame time I had with Liz!


Jon said...

I'm glad to hear you had fun (2 e-mails asking how it went with liz, and 2 responses that say nothing of that nature!). I'm also glad that we didn't make it to the ropeway on time when we went to Miyajima, i don't think i could have handles another 'Montreal-canoe trip' incident!

red-handed said...

I'll say it again: poor, poor Liz.

Prozacville said...

You could be sisters with those matching sunglasses.

Especially from a Japanese point of view. You know we all look the same to them, right?