Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Will Be 24 in Two Months From Today and Other Random Musings

I'm tired. All the energy has been sucked out of my body by the sun, who has taken it to shine down on Japan. Right now Im taking a break from learning the days of the week (in Japanese, in case you thought Im disabled). A break is necessary to see if I can retain the information I just crammed into my head for the last hour. But Im listening to a podcast too, about asking questions or counting or something. Im not really listening, just hoping for some osmosis. I swear, it really works. I'll blurt out things in Japanese every once in a while that I didnt know I knew.

I have all these stupid words to learn, so everyday I give myself a new group. Tomorrow I'm memorizing some verbs. Sexy, I know.

If I can stay awake until Sunday, I have a ten day vacation coming my way! It's Golden Week! I love Japan! I dont have any big plans, aside from drawing, shopping, haircut and studying---oh, but I am having a Cinco de Mayo party. It will be the biggest random Mexican holiday celebration in Sakuragi this year! You have to come.

Ok, test time:

日曜日 [Sunday]
月曜日 [Monday]
火曜日 [Tuesday]
水曜日 [Wednesday]
木曜日 [Thursday]
金曜日 [Friday]
土曜日 [Saturday]

Yea! I did it without looking! I can go to bed!

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red-handed said...

Until you learn to ask, "How tall is your dentist?" I'll be withholding my respect. Hey, that's just me.

Trying to get something in the mail to you on the weekend.