Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That's Customer Service!

japanese customer serviceToday when I got home from work Motto told me the story of his day. He went to the bank in the afternoon to sign up for internet banking and the teller was apparently very rude to him. More like passive aggressive, really. She told him he could fill out the form at home and mail it (instead of taking up space in her bank). He called the bank to complain and said it happened before with that lady.

Then tonight when he got home there was a business card from the manager and two packs of tissues in our mail slot. I think he came here to bow and apologize.

I should say Motto isn't a complainer at all. In fact, whenever I try to complain about someone he dismisses it and says "that's not what they meant." So I was surprised to hear this story.


red-handed said...

The tissues seem more appropriate for a sexual-harassment issue.

Sorata said...

I'm still trying to figure out how the tissue part come along... Wouldn't chocolate be more appropriate? O_o

LSL said...

I miss Japan. I haven't had someone show up on my doorstep with tissue in years.

Anonymous said...

This is son funny. The manager was like "Shut up cry baby, here are some tissue to wipe your tears"