Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Blog?

I kind of want to start a new blog where I record my progress in learning Japanese. I really hate the traditional way of studying (looking at a book, repeating words in my head until I get distracted) and I was thinking of doing a diary style/web-comic bloggy thing to keep me motivated. I don't know if I'd link it here, because now my Japanese is less than that of a two year old. Maybe I'll get a few posts going and if it's pretty I'll show you all.

Reason for my newfound interest? Besides that I've been here 2+ years? Today Motto forced me to go to the doctor alone (the nerve!). I went because last night I started having weird ear issues and it's all echoey and everyone's voice sounds like robots. I got through it OK but I'm kind of sick of only speaking in nouns.

"Ear hurts."

Also, every night I go downstairs to buy Motto an obento (half price after 9pm & he pays me back). The same guy is always there. He says "konbanwa" and I awkwardly half grin and nod my head at him. Every night. I mean, I don't need to study to audibly say "arigatou gozaimasu," but maybe a little more confidence?

Ok, I'm totally exhausted and over it after writing this. Time to reload Facebook, sip my cranberry vodka and play Sims3.


ElizT said...

Comic-bloggy would be nice!

LSL said...

I say yes and please link it. I love your comics.

My favorite phrase is MO ICHIDO KUDASI! Then I have another chance to figure out wtf the person just said.

Beth said...

where'd you get cranberry?

Jeannette said...