Monday, July 27, 2009

Beauty Queen

I just got my hair did--together with Naomi-chan. Another 4 hour ordeal(for the money it cost, it better be a full day event). I got a straight perm and cut. They put this chemical on my hair and wrapped me in saran wrap and let me cook for 30 minutes. They then rinsed it out and gave me a little scalp rub. Then a girl blew out and straightened my hair. I thought we were finished; we hadn't even started.

I'm used to cheap mall salons with bitchy single-mom with over-treated hair, but mostly I'm used to having a few drinks and taking the scissors into the bathroom myself.

She then applied a new chemical to my dry, straight, hair and had me wait again. Then another wash. Then the cut began. I realized I was clenching my fists pretty hard by this time. The hairdresser brought me some English magazines. Celebrity cut mags from 2001. A nice gesture, but doesn't beat the last time when the hairdresser gave me a Japanese "Where's Waldo?"

They tried to talk to me, in English and Japanese. I wish there was a switch somewhere I could press to turn conversation off. I need to learn the Japanese for "please don't worry about being friendly." I'm not a haircut talker, we're not going to become friends, and I'm too nervous to smile and be polite. But, I'm sure they feel pressure (especially the assistants) to be really friendly, as a kind of business model.

I like the cut and perm, though. It's really humid, but my hair looks washed, brushed, and fresh! Now I know why so many white girls have been recommending the straight perm.

Note about the picture: all the little hairs touching my face was totally making me sneeze! I sneezed once in the middle of the haircut. I didnt know what to do or how to warn him it was coming.


LSL said...

That is so awesome. I wish I would have done it while I was there - I looked like a stand in for an 80's rock band for four years with the humidity there. I could have used the straight do. After pictures, please?

That reminds me - it used to drive me fucking crazy how all the signs said, "Hair Make." I would always think, "It's a hair DO, people." (I'm easily irritated.)

Jonathan said...

Interesting. I just got a hair cut for the first time here in Vietnam the other day.

Diep drove me there, said something to the hairdresser, the hairdresser cut a bunch, then turned me around, took my 6$ and sent me out the door.

I think it's one of the best cuts i've had in years.

Although, maybe next time i'll try one of the barbers on the street. The ones with a single chair, a pair of scissors and a mirror tacked to a tree. There's one right in front of my work.

Rebel said...

You are a far braver woman than I. I'm not letting anyone with scissors anywhere near my hair until I'm back in an English speaking country!

But where are the "after" pictures???

red-handed said...

Aw, look at you being all bourgeois. What's next ... a spray tan? Good for you, sprocket!