Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I haven't slept in a really long time. All my friends and relatives inboxes have already been filled, so I'm cracking open the old blog.

I told my students today that they don't sell natto in Amerika. They were aghast.

My 15 year old students just sat making fun of me in Japanese while I read from the textbook.

I went to a two hour meeting this morning that proved that the curriculum my company uses is either made by monkeys or hamsters. What five year old needs to learn, "I'm fastening my seatbelt" (virtually unmemorizable) before they understand the nouns seat, belt, or hell---car.

And uh, that's my life right now. Or the parts that I'm willing to share. Enjoy the bunny video below.


maTT said...

Thanks for the honor of posting something of substance. They do sell natto in the states. Actually Miss K & I have started buying it from a farm in Massachusetts.

Jeannette said...

Well, that's just gross.

red-handed said...

Meanwhile, my inbox collects spiderwebs. And demons.