Monday, February 9, 2009


I sold out. I ruined the internet for everyone. I added Google's advertising program to my blog yesterday. I'm still not rich. If you look down the right-hand column you'll see Ads by Google. Did you know if you click on one of the ads right now I'll receive a penny? I promise, it works, try it out.

Actually, I don't know if it works. Technically I'm not allowed to click the ads to see if it'll work. If I could do that, it'd be like having a magic pocket that I can pull a penny out of anytime. I'd just stand in line at the grocery store, paying for my expensive, double ply, flowery, soft toilet paper, one-cent-at-a-time. That would be awesome.

But I cant! So you should! It's been one whole day and my balance is still zero.

I'm thinking of adding those ads to the end of every email, maybe to my Facebook and MySpace account, and maybe I can even figure out a way to attach the ads to my hoodie, so strangers on the train can click me for a penny.


Fern said...

I got a free coupon for apple juice and you get a penny...somehow that doesn't seem fair.

d said...

dude. dude. dude. no.

Skulldaggery said...

I tots clicked,hope you got a few pennies.

red-handed said...

I reverse-clicked, which is cyber for subtraction. Cy-ber. Do you ever have that dream of the talking rabbit?