Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Have a WiP Card

I'm so exhausted.

Someone just left a comment on my other blog, saying they found my self portrait on Google. So if you type in "self portrait" you'll find mine on page 4. I freakin love Google Images. Ive actually gotten paid real money from people finding me on that site and me agreeing to do their projects.

Of course, it's only like 1 out of 20 that I end up doing because most people dont offer money and/or are asking me to draw some religious shit or tattoo designs. Yeah, I should write those as stipulations somewhere on my site.

1. Nothing's free.
2. No religion.
3. No tattoos.

I dont know why my stuff shows up there. I guess it's because Google owns blogger and my other blog is through blogger put published somewhere else or some technical crap that ive already bored you with my gloating and youre no longer reading but thats ok because this post isnt taking much effort on my part either.

I'm tired from training and teaching kids. Kids are so evil.

I'm drinking Calpis soda. Pronounced 'cow piss.' It's white and creamy.


Anonymous said...

kids ARE evil. why are you doing that?

my word veri is oekies. how... oklahoma

ElizT said...

Wherever it is, it's good.

Fern said...

oh and I've been thinking about a Jeannette-o Tattoo-o

red-handed said...

1) Everything's free (when you just take it).
2) Yes to religion (and no to tolerance).
3) Only tattoos of swastikas or stick men running.

Prozac said...

Are you sure they don't just bottle the 'juice' of lonely-horny Japanese teachers and sell it to any foreigners coming into their shops as Calpis Soda. I think the phrase 'having the last laugh' was invented for the Japanese and their relations to America.

Jeannette said...

Jeannetto tattoos are free! I'll send you some rubs on next week!

Brian Kennedy said...

only american kids are evil ;-P

Dan said...

up to page 3!